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How much sleep is enough?

How much sleep is enough?HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH SLEEP? The charts below give estimated hours of sleep based on age by the National Sleep Foundation. There is no magic number, however!

 AgeHours of Sleep
 0-3 months
 3 - 18 months
 1.5 - 3 years
 5 - 12 years
 9 - 10
 13 - 17 years
 Adults 7(+) 

Quick Guide for Duration of Sleep
12 month old = 12 hours of sleep (including nap)
10 year old = 10 hours
9th-12th grader = 9 hours
Adults working 8 hour day = 8 hours
70+ year olds = 7 hours

Source: Dr. Jose Colon, Pediatric Neurologist, Sleep Medicine Specialist

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August 9, 2013