Baby Formula Shortage – What Should I Do?

Baby Formula Shortage | feed real food, use cow''s milkIt’s a struggle to find baby formula; here are a few tips that may help.
  • Check smaller stores and drug stores.
  • Purchase formula online from well-recognized distributors, pharmacies, or box stores.
  • For most babies, it’s ok to switch to another formula, including store brands, unless your baby is on a specific formula such as Elecare. Ask your pediatrician about formula alternatives.
  • Breast-feeding is a great alternative. If breast-feeding is not an option, locate a Milk Bank in your area where they store breast milk.
Is it ok to put more water in baby formula?

No. It’s tempting to stretch it out, but it is not safe. Always follow label instructions or those given by your pediatrician. Adding water may cause seizures.

Can I make my own formula?

We are strongly against homemade formula. The recipes circulating on the Internet may seem healthy but they are not safe and will not meet your baby’s nutritional needs.

Can toddler formula substitute for regular formula?

Toddler formula is not recommended for infants. However, if you absolutely have no other choice, toddler formula is safe for 2-3 days for babies close to 1 year in age.

Is cow’s milk safe?

Before using cow’s milk, please check with your pediatrician. Typically, if your infant is 6 months or older (depends on baby’s weight and age) and is usually on regular formula, feed them whole cow’s milk for a brief period of time – do check-in with pediatrician first. This is a better option than diluting formula or making homemade formula.


Don’t hesitate to speak with your pediatrician before making any formula changes. Your baby’s health and nutrition is extremely important.

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May 19, 2022