Brain Teasers

April 1, 2022
This is as light as a feather, yet no man can hold it for long. What am I?  Answer:  Your breath

March 18, 2022
What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, and has a bed but never sleeps?   Answer:  A River.

March 11, 2022
Two sisters we are, one is dark and one is fair. In twin towers dwelling we’re quite the pair. One from land and one from sea. Tell us truly, who are we?  Answer:  Salt and Pepper

March 4, 2022
A time when they are green, a time when they're brown, but both of these times cause us to frown. But just in between, for a very short while, they're perfect and yellow and cause us to smile!   What are we talking about here?  Answer:  Bananas

February 25, 2022
What runs around the whole yard without moving?    Answer:  Fence

February 18, 2022
When can you add two to eleven and get one as the correct answer?   Answer:  When you add two hours to eleven o'clock, you get one o'clock.

February 5, 2022
I hit the tall and miss the small. In a flash I am gone. What am I?      Answer:  Lightning
Lightning is a powerful burst of electricity that happens very quickly during a thunderstorm. Lightning can occur inside clouds, between clouds and from clouds to the ground. Around one quarter of lightning is from cloud to ground. Lightning is caused by an electrical charge in the atmosphere that is unbalanced.  Learn more at