COVID-19 Saturday Hours 8:00 am to 10:30 AM   
Tele-medicine at MacKoul Pediatrics at Cape Coral officeWith each day the medical community is learning more about ways to protect you and your family; but more importantly, how to administer medical treatment should the need arise. 

If you believe your child(ren) may have COVID-19, we understand how precious your family is to you.   Please continue reading and we will guide you:
  • We are open.
  • We will be offering telemedicine appointments shortly (then you won't have to come to the office).
  • We have set-up two medical teams for you:  Wellness and Sick
    • Our Wellness Team only sees routine wellness appointments.  They will NOT see any patients from the Sick side.  Please use the Wellness Team entrance.
    • Our Sick Team will only see patients that are ill and have been screened before entering our building.  The Sick Team will NOT see patients from the Wellness side.  Once you receive approval from the MacKoul Team to enter, use the Sick entrance.
  • If you feel your child(ren) have been exposed to COVID-19 please answer our questionnaire (click here) before entering our building. 
  • We offer limited screening for COVID-19 due to finite amount of testing kits.
  • Rest assured the MacKoul Team is here for you!

NOTE:  We will update as new information becomes available.

Resources for COVID-19, click here