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Developmental Services by Mary MacKoulDevelopmental Services- Mary MacKoul discussed the scope of developmental services and related evaluations that are now being offered at MacKoul Pediatrics. These services include: Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaire-3 (ASQ-3), Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, Revised with Follow-Up (MCHAT-R/F), Speech Evaluations, Language Evaluations, combined Speech and Language Evaluations, Autism Evaluations, and assistance/guidance to parents for access to developmental services.

Regarding the use of ASQ-3 Developmental Screening, Mary discussed the use of the summary score sheet, as well as the activity suggestions sheet that are both sent home to parents following scoring of this screening tool. Parents can view the bar graph at the top of this score summary to see “at a glance” how their child is progressing relative to expected age targets for 5 developmental domains. In addition, the activity sheet provides fun and engaging suggestions that parents can use to stimulate developmental areas that their child may need some practice with.

Referrals to local agencies such as FDLRS (age 3-6) and Early Steps (age 0-3) were also discussed. An evaluation at MacKoul Pediatrics can provide a parent with essential information for a developmental referral to these agencies.

Additionally, this office can provide assistance and support to families who are transitioning to Florida with an Individual Education Plan, or 504 Plan for Special services or accommodations for their child with Special Needs from another State, or U.S. Territory.

Expected developmental age norms were also discussed regarding Speech and Language growth in children. In general, a Speech or Language evaluation may be considered if:
  • a child’s speech is less than 50% intelligible at 24 months of age
  • a child is speaking mainly in vowel sounds at 24 months of age
  • a child is omitting initial consonants in words at 24 months of age
  • a child is not producing sentences of appropriate length: speaking at least one word utterances at one year of age, two word phrases at two years, or three word sentences at 3 years of age.
Parents may contact this office at any time to request more in-depth age norms regarding development of Communication Skills.

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December 20, 2014