Diaper Cream Sticks And Persistent Rashes

Diaper Cream Sticks And Persistent RashesDiaper cream sticks are becoming more and more popular due to their easy-to-use packaging and fail-proof cleanliness factor. The diaper cream stick is like a deodorant stick — just remove the cap and rub it on. The easy application leaves your hands free of messy cream, helping to avoid having to wrestle the diaper in place with one hand. The sticks are available in many places now where baby items are sold, but are most likely to be found in retail locations specializing in cloth diaper supplies. They contain various ingredients intended to provide a moisture-barrier on a child’s skin, and are often labeled as natural or organic.

To be fair, most baby and toddler bottoms will be totally fine with this method of diaper cream application. However, if the stick is used on infected areas, it may gather bacteria and yeast as it is rubbed on the skin. This increases the chance that reinfection will occur with continued use of that same stick.

Follow these guidelines on how to achieve the best results with a diaper cream stick:
  • When possible, only use diaper cream sticks on healthy, rash-free skin. Apply to clean, dry skin for rash prevention.
  • If your child gets an infectious diaper rash (yeast or bacteria), stop using the stick until your child’s rash is gone. Go back to creams in addition to any treatment your MacKoul Pediatrics doctor recommends.
  • Once the rash is significantly cleared, you can begin using the stick again after you have removed the top-most portion of the stick. This will prevent you from accidentally re-infecting your child’s diaper area. Even better? Get a new stick.
  • If you have more than one child in diapers, make sure you are using a separate diaper cream stick for each child. While this will cost you a bit more up front, it will also remove the possibility of cross-contaminating yeast or bacteria cultures between children.
Most common diaper rash will resolve themselves with simple care in 2-3 days, so once you’re in the clear you can go back to enjoying your diaper cream stick to the fullest. If you are still concerned about persisting or worsening rash, however, please call MacKoul Pediatrics at 239-573-2001.

For other diaper cream suggestions, check out this list from the Environmental Working Group.

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June 15, 2015