Water Safety

Summer is the perfect season for swimming pools, lakes and oceans; this reminds us that drowning is the number one cause of death in children ages 1 – 4 years of age. 

In SW Florida, swimming is a year-round activity.

Babies and toddlers are drawn to water and discover the fun of splashing water – who can blame them – it is fun! All it takes is two (2) inches of water for babies to drown. Drowning is silent unlike what we see in the movies.

Water Safety Starts With You
  • Stay within arm’s reach whenever your baby/toddler is near or in water.
  • Never leave a baby or child alone in a bathtub or in the care of another child, even for a moment.
  • Install a latch or doorknob cover on bathroom doors. Install latches on toilets.
  • Empty buckets, bathtubs, and wading pools immediately after use.
  • Learn CPR
Always keep your baby’s safety in mind around water – at home, where your friends, relatives and caregivers live, and places you stay during family trips. Be sure to talk with Dr. MacKoul or Dr Loyson, starting with your baby’s first wellness visit, about guarding against common water dangers.

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July 2019