April 22, 2020
Should I Take My Child to Pediatrician for
Wellness Visits during the Pandemic?

Two separate entrances; wellness and sick at MacKoul Pediatrics We understand that parents may be concerned about keeping standing well-visits for your kids. It is important to remember that wellness visits and immunizations are vital to a child's health.

MacKoul Pediatrics of Cape Coral we have two separate entrances: Wellness and Sick . Inside our clinic, the Wellness and Sick patients are separate as well as the equipment. We even have two ventilation and air conditioning systems to protect you.

Your child's first steps or first lost tooth is important; well-visits and immunizations are critical childhood milestones. Recommended well-visits schedule:

  • allow for ongoing assessments during your child's critical development stages ensure appropriate growth and nutrition optimize vaccinations before your child comes into contact with potentially life threatening infection.

Should You Keep Your Scheduled Appointments?

Pediatrician Wellness Visit at MacKoul Pediatrics | Cape Coral, FL Short answer is yes. Missing your well-visit may limit the MacKoul team's ability to catch developmental, social and emotional conditions before they become critical.

For babies and toddlers, immunizations are extremely important. Yes, COVID-19 is not the only risk for babies, toddlers and teenagers, in fact, infections like whooping cough, measles, pneumococcus, pertussis, etc. are potentially even more life threatening for children.

Schedule your well-visit or tele-medicine appointment today by calling 239.573.2001.

What requires an in-person visit?

  • Acute illness or injury that could be serious.
  • Children who are receiving ongoing treatments for a serious medical condition.
  • Check-ups for very young children who need vaccines and to have their growth checked.
  • Check-ups and visit for children with certain health conditions.

The bottom line, contact
MacKoul Pediatrics of Cape Coral ; every situation is different. Our goal is to provide the best health care during this extraordinary time.

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